Stock portfolio

When buying and selling shares, it is important to have an overview of the assets you hold. In order to create the necessary overview, it is essential to have all shares in one place. StoxIQ gives you this opportunity, with an optimised share portfolio built specifically to your preferences and investments.
Your trades are not done through StoxIQ. Instead, you will be able to continuously update which shares you own and thus have an overview of them - regardless of where you bought them.

What is a stock portfolio?

A stock portfolio is a comprehensive overview of your investments, basically built around shares, investments and other assets of the same type.
By basing the stocks suggested to you on historical data, your risk profile and investment horizon - combined with the market data - you are offered a unique opportunity to make rational decisions.
Your decision-making process is significantly simplified and you will therefore be able to make sound, rational decisions about your investments.

The decision-making process for your stock portfolio

When trading stocks, the snapshot is essential. Headlines in the media can tell you about stock changes after the rise or fall of the specific stock - not before or while it's happening. These headlines can affect when and why you choose to buy or sell a stock. This is called an emotional buy/sell.
An emotional buy or sell of a stock is most often based on an emotion that comes from reading a headline or via push notifications on your phone. In other words, it is a decision made in the moment, without further thought.
StoxIQ is designed to avoid these emotional decisions that can drastically affect your stock portfolio. Instead, you get the ability to make your decisions based on data. These are called rational decisions and they are necessary for you to have the most success with your stock portfolio.
This makes StoxIQ the ideal app for long-term investors. You will be able to continuously see the stocks that benefit you in the long term, not on a daily basis.

Personal stock portfolio using StoxIQ

When you sign up with StoxIQ, you must first set up your own personal investment profile. Then, through calculations and data processing, the app will generate an optimised portfolio - targeted directly at you and your interests.
Based on the information you have entered, and continuously add to your investment profile, StoxIQ can offer you suggestions on how to optimise your portfolio. The stock portfolio is based on your criteria and offers you the best possible composition, for you. This is composed in terms of risk, return and risk diversification.
In the app you will find suggestions for, among other things:

Selection criteria
• Portfolio weights
• Risk
• Return
• Risk diversification

In other words; all aspects that can benefit you in terms of optimising your equity portfolio.

If a stock is suggested to you that is not interesting to you, or is not current, you will be able to remove it from your list. This is done manually, so you are sure not to lose the opportunity to buy stocks that might be of interest to you.
Your stock portfolio will be automatically updated with suggestions for new buying opportunities, depending on how the market evolves, as well as the updates you continuously make on your personal investment profile.

What does a stock portfolio look like in StoxIQ?

The most important thing about a stock portfolio is that it is easy for you to see which stocks you have and which ones to invest in going forward.
As you can see in the picture below, your shares are clearly divided to avoid information about the different investments getting mixed up. You have the option to choose your preference, in relation to each company. You can also choose the currency in which you want the shares to be traded and measured. You will also be able to see value, percentage rises and falls - both total and daily.
If you choose one of your investments, you will be able to see a more detailed statement of the current status of your shares. Below you will also be able to see a list of optimised suggestions, based on each stock you currently own.

screenshots StoxIQ

Download StoxIQ and experience the difference

The stock market is constantly changing and evolving - it waits for no one. Put yourself in the best position to invest correctly, keep track and sell when the time is right by downloading the StoxIQ app today.
The app gives you overview of your stock portfolios, without the expensive management fees. As a private investor, you will avoid paying a professional manager by having the tools to build a stock portfolio yourself.
You are the master of which investments you make; you decide, StoxIQ optimises the overview and the possibilities.

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