No more costly management fees

As a private investor, you pay a number of fees to have a professional manager build your portfolio. StoxIQ reduces the need for expensive portfolio management, as the app allows you to build your portfolio yourself.

Professional analysis tool for private investors

StoxIQ's mission is to change the way we private investors invest. Until now, very few investors have had the resources to buy similar professional investment tools. Fortunately, that time is over, so now anyone - with the right tools and guidance in hand - can optimise their returns as a private investor, and build and manage their own individual portfolio. Easy and convenient.

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Experienced financial analyst behind professional investment app for private individuals

Who developed the app?
StoxIQ was developed by Jens Woeste, who has worked in the financial industry for the past 25 years, both as a chief analyst at large danish bank and as an advisor to some of the world's largest banks, stock exchanges and asset managers. Two years ago he started the company Curo Investing ApS.

Professional tool
Jens has used his years of experience in capital markets and IT to design and develop a solution following the same principles and using the same financial mathematical models and data used by the professionals.
Jens is a frequent speaker at conferences, webinars and podcasts. Also follow the weekly articles, videos and tips on your social media and blog here

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