Professional advice for private individuals

StoxIQ is a professional portfolio management app targeted at private investors. The app is easily accessible, extremely user-friendly and relevant for all types of investors. You can profitably use the app to create and manage your personal investment portfolios, as well as monitor your risk, based on modern analysis and optimisation algorithms.


StoxIQ analyses historical stock prices and uses professional models to quantify trends and uncertainties in individual stocks.In addition, StoxIQ also analyses the relationship between different stocks (known as correlation) and uses this data to identify the most optimal allocation in terms of risk and return.

This optimisation is a continuous process, as the risk/return ratio naturally varies over time due to market movements. As soon as it is beneficial for you to rebalance your portfolio, StoxIQ automatically recommends a new set of asset allocations.

We are completely independent and impartial and do not receive any fees or commissions from your trading activity. We therefore have no interest in recommending one stock over another.

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investment profile

Create an investment profile

Your investment profile is based on information about your investment horizon, risk preferences and sectors/industries - you are guided through all the important parameters to consider.

You determine your own:

Investment horizon

Risk preferences



Suggestions for your optimal portfolio

Once you have created your investment profile, StoxIQ automatically suggests an optimised portfolio that matches your criteria and offers you the best mix in terms of risk and return - including risk diversification. Of course, you can manually deselect any stocks you don't like.

Choose from the app's suggestions for:

Portfolio allocation


Portfolio weights



Risk diversification

optimisation result

Trade on your preferred trading platform

Once you are satisfied with the recommended portfolio, you are ready to execute the trades on a trading platform of your choice. Remember to update the executed trades in StoxIQ so that the app reflects your actual positions. All trades can be imported easily from a csv file.

Monitor around the clock

StoxIQ constantly monitors your investments around the clock. And it automatically informs you when it's time to adjust your portfolio via buy and sell recommendations. This means that, just like professional investors, you can adjust and rebalance your portfolio just when it's needed most.

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